Thank you for our great 2016 year at Junque Drawer! December 11, 2016 07:33

As 2016 comes to an end, Hannah & I wish you a wonderful holiday season and comfy winter ahead. We've had a crazy, chaotic year filled with adventures...closing our Junque Drawer Emporium in Emporia, KS & wishing Sister Sue a great retirement...opening Unwind/Junque Drawer Next Door bistro and welcoming the new owners, Jerry & MaryEllen Banks as they create Anna Mae's restaurant at 108 W. Cedar, opening Jan. 9, 2017 w/ great food, adult beverages & special events... and opening Mass St. Mercantile with Matt & Curt in Lawrence, KS this past November! We are grateful for all of the above adventures as we truly are following our arrows!

2017 will find Hannah and I at our Olathe's Junque Drawer Boutique, Lawrence's Mass St. Mercantile, operating our online store, teaching & facilitating new junque art classes at both locations AND stepping into the creative world of design to manufacture wonderful apparel, gifts & such. 

May life's adventures in 2017 be fabulous for you & yours. Thank you for all your support, love and help! 

Peace to you...

Jane Hosey Stern & Hannah Stern, Junque Drawer Proprietresses


at Junque Drawer, 233 S. Cherry St., Olathe
Registration & pre-payment is required! 
Coffee, tea & wine provided
All materials are included!
call 913.261.8183 or email
New Years Good Luck Horseshoe 
Thursday, January 5,  2017
5 - 6 pm
add charms, embellishments, vintage pieces, initials with twisted hang above your door for good luck to those who dwell!
Embroidery Samplers
Monday, January  9, 2017
5 pm-6 pm
Using vintage fabric and colorful threads. you will create one of your favorite phrases...sweet, simple or maybe snarky or ornery!... You choose!
Book Lovers Evening Out!
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
5 pm - 6 pm
We will gather to do a used book exchange...bring one, get one. Participants will give a quick informal book talk  about the book they brought. You'll receive a book letter of a chosen initial. When you register, let us know what letter you'd like! We'll create a book nerd charm necklace and 3 beaded book mark thongs!
Embellished Safety Pin Creation
Thursday, January 12, 2017
Beginning with a meaningful safety pin, identifing yourself as an emotionally safe person in reaching out to those who need help, we will "junque up" our pins with beads, charms, buttons and cool stuff! They can remain a pin or you can wear yours as a necklace or use as a keychain!  $10 of the registration will be donated to a local women's shelter in our area! Come create & enjoy! 

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