wine slushy mixes

$ 10.00

we are fans of all things WINE, these wine slushies are a fun twist on everyone's favorite beverage. Made by Duplin Winery in North Carolina, you won't be able to stop mixing up this fabulous cocktail!!

-Berry Bliss (mix with merlot or burgandy)

-Electric Lemonade (mix with chardonnay)

-Raspberry Mango Lemonade (mix with moscato)

-Peach Bellini (mix with chardonnay)

-Margarita (mix with chardonnay)

-Primo Vino (mix with burgandy)

-Pelican Red Rush ( semi-sweet red)

-Pina Colada (mix with chardonnay)


-12 oz. box

-wine not included

-mixing instructions on box

-each box makes two pitchers of wine slushies



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