funny pen sets

$ 12.00

Set of 5 black in ballpoint pens- these make the best gifts!

Adulthood Pens read: Very Reluctant Adult, Growing Up Was The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Done, Lover Of Cancelled Plans, I Need an Adultier Adult, So Much For Knowing Everything When I'm Older

Demotivational Pens read: You've already peaked, Everyone's judging you, You're for sure getting fired, That idea is garbage, Your face is weird

Teachers Pens read: Coffee. Teach. Wine. Repeat. Dreaming of Summer Break, Grade Now, Cry Later, (red ink) I Teach Therefore I Drink, Teaching for the Money and Fame

Parenting Pens read: It Takes a Village and a Vineyard, Sorry I'm Late, I Have Kids, I Love My Ungrateful Children, My Parenting Style is Called Survivalist, RIP Sleeping In

F*ck it all Pens read: Fuck that! fuck me! fuck you! fuck this! fuck it!

Insult Pens read: If I Agreed With You, We'd Both Be Wrong, As Fun as Stepping on a Lego, Great Face for Radio, What Essential Oil Makes You Go Away, As Useful as a Knitted Condom

Work Sucks read: Never too early to start dreading Monday, I'm starting to feel sick tomorrow, This meeting could have been an email, Same thing different day, Personally victimized by my daily alarm clock

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