MY STORY necklace (or bracelet or keychain)

$ 30.00

My Story necklace.
Send me 10-20 facts about you or a loved one. Let me know about how much you want to spend on your piece.  I’ll build a charm necklace, bracelet or key ring w their “story” in charms. Charms are typically $5 apiece. Necklace ballchain (30"-can be sized down easily), bracelet, & keyring w/ lobster clasp are free. The connector (the piece in the middle that holds all the charms will also be free). I can email you some choices, depending on the number of charms you choose. So, we do most of this over email. 

A $30 Story Necklace will come with 6 charms. You can add charms for $5 ea. 

Email Jane at with all of your information. I will contact you with the final cost and we will do payment over the phone. 

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