About Us...the Junque Drawer Broads

Jane Hosey Stern...Creator, artist, owner of Junque Drawer Boutique and Junque 101 (233 S. Cherry & 101 W. Cedar, Olathe, KS)  and the heART CAVE Studio  & Junque Drawer Studio Online/Website.
After 38 years as a teacher & counselor, Jane found it a natural transition to move into her other love...creating art & jewelry & repurposed stuff and to do that in a store called Junque Drawer. 
Along with offering a wide variety of unusual products, customers are also drawn to her popular classes to create self-expressive art. Jane, her daughter, Hannah Greer, and many of her friends offer art adventures from jewelry creation, beaded wineglass & bar items, poetry stepping stones, junk collage art, and much more. "I knew I was in for an adventure when I realized I'd rather root through trash cans in our alley in Medicine Lodge, KS, than play other stuff. Finding treasures, re-working them into jewelry, home adornments and wall art was emblazed into my being starting in the 1960's and has been an phenomenally wonderful addiction every since. I combine typewriter keys, game pieces, trinkets, charms, parts of car license tags, optometrist lenses, watch parts, buttons, and pieces of whatever and put them together in a unique style to adorn yourself and your home. When I doodled endlessly on my papers in school, I was just practicing for making my wisdom quote signs that I now love to make! I now doodle on canvas signs, wood beaded handle plaques, vintage bags, people's walls, furniture, greeting cards, suitcases, toolboxes, etc... nothing is safe! Along with my our handmade items, the Junque Drawer Boutique, Junque 101 store across the street, our Holiday Hoopla store (Sept.-Dec.)  and our Junque Drawer Studio Online Store are full of great pieces we've created or found from other artists & companies that we LOVE. 
Hannah Greer...Store manager at Junque Drawer Boutique & Junque 101 store (Olathe, KS), special events coordinator, social media chick, & artist...AND new mom of Elliott Jane, born January 8, 2024!!!!! Adding a bassinet & rocking chair to our back office was the best plan ever! We are all over the moon! 
With a degree in Strategic Communications, Hannah dabbled in several fun jobs, before ending up at Junque Drawer with her mom. Bar & grill work, structural engineering office, and radio station fun times...all enjoyed...but here we are together at the Drawer as she finishes up her first 33 years of life. She thrives on organization, creativity, optimistic environments and can throw a party! With glasses of red wine in front of us, together we've made this thing work. Other than the occasional mother/daughter clashing/drama, we haven't killed each other yet. 
We doodle up ideas, we constantly search out cool stuff, we hold art adventure classes & private events in the studio and Hannah does what Hannah does and makes the journey worthwhile.
Ami Levin...Thank gawd Ami is on this journey with us. She keeps us all on time, organized and thinks ahead when we are spinning around!  Ami's many talents at Junque Drawer are so appreciated in every way. She is a kind, caring, loving person and takes care of the customers every moment she is here. From putting together jewelry pieces to putting her artistic talent to work on our many product displays, she does it all! AND has this engineer mind that fixes shit, as a bonus! 
Laura Simon...We knew we loved her & her family when they were customers, we knew we loved her when she started teaching art classes in the heART CAVE, we knew we loved her when she helped us out during holiday crazy time, but when she came to work for us on a regular basis, we realized what a gem she is. Creative, spunky, energetic and what a playlist she comes in with! It's about damn time you joined us, girl! 
On the back of our Junque Drawer t-shirts is my favorite quote:
"I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult."
(E.B.White...author of Charlotte's Web)