Girl Almighty - An Interactive Journal for Being a Mighty Activist of the World

$ 16.99

Make a Difference, Explore Your Strengths, Inspire Others.

Now is the time to blaze new trails and to help shape the world into one we can all be proud of. This illustrated, fill-in activity journal acts as a guide to prompt girls (and girls, specifically) to explore their world, their strengths, their future, and their selves. Girl Almighty unites the spirit of girl scouting with real-world activism: Six themed chapters with dynamic, interactive layouts feature stories about real women and girl role models, diverse career explorations, self-reflective worksheets, checklists, and activities . . . all carefully chosen to incite and inspire our future leaders, today. Choose a journey and hit the ground running! Each challenge accepted and conquered is rewarded with a rebel badge sticker upon completion.

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