Taylor Swift Paint by Sticker Mosaic Art Book

$ 14.99

Put on your 'Swiftie' friendship bracelet and get ready to capture the world's favorite pop phenom's wide array of likenesses in her fearless glory, sticker by sticker, in the Ultimate Taylor Swift Paint by Sticker Book. This unofficial, yet distinctive, poly-art book for Swifties of all ages features a collection of 13 (Taylor's lucky number) geometric designs. Each design uses 60-100 colored stickers to create bold images from her tours and appearances and includes fun facts and Taylor Swift trivia. Place each sticker in its appropriate spot according to its numbered section and watch as the shapes bring this musical icon into spectacular view. Designs are printed on thick, perforated pages that can be framed and displayed. All true Swifties will want this fun hands-on activity book.

Dimensions (Overall): 9.0 (H) x 9.0 (W) x .19 (D) 

Number of Pages: 58