"Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining" Reflection & Sale March 8, 2021 16:46

It's been about a year since we all started living, moving about/ staying in very differently. We closed our store for a couple months, started porch pickup, beefed up our online store, started selling masks & wondering what's ahead. So much sadness for us personally, losing our mom & dad/grandma & grandma. Isolated & getting Covid. Our hearts are broken still. Watching the world believing/not believing in what our doctors & scientists were telling us. Unbelieveable awareness of how folks sunk into their unselfish love & devotion to others vs. selfishness of those who believe Covid is all a hoax. It's taken a toll on our lives, our ways of thinking and our resilience.
But as women who believe there is always a SILVER LINING, we here at Junque Drawer want to hear how you all found some positive, some hope, and some upsides to all the downsides during the past year. Because there was good in the lockdown, right? Let me count the ways.
1. We do things for other people. We didn't get the chance to do as much since we are all moving thru life differently, but we look for it anyway: the safe little ways to help a neighbor. And who doesn't like that? These are the ties that bind.
2. Hi, howya doing, and a wave across the street to others is great too. No one can see us smile behind our masks, so we've had to wave more and give air hugs and blow kisses. Yes, kisses, thru the air.
3. We've discovered our inner creative genius, aka mad parent. One guy I know built an obstacle course for the kids in his backyard. Apparently the youngest is still out there, a wee bit tangled in the ropes. I have so many pages of ideas I've come up with during the last year. I'll have to live to be 137 to get them all accomplished.
4. We've discovered the purpose that was missing in our lives. Got that basement organized, finally fixed the clothesline, cleaned out the cupboards, written the sheet music for a rock opera, really found out what our kids are learning at school, cooked stuff we've never tried before...All the tasks...but we had contemplation to think about our true purpose. Why are we here?
5. We've tried to take care of our head/emotions. We've taken all the mental health advice to heart and tried to look after ourselves. Put our feet up and had a good rest. That's been incredibly rewarding.
6. We understand spatial awareness! Who knew what 6 feet was before now?
7. We've made plans. When this ends, no more same old same old. You always wanted to learn to sing, visit Oregon, go camping, learn origami, take up pottery? Gonna get real about it now, right?
8. We've learned how to make masks. Bright colors, tye-dye, Kamala Harris, kittens, & cheetah prints are popular.
9. We've learned respect for ordinary workers doing extraordinary things for us. So many frontline workers are our heroes. So many people are working so hard for our sakes, for our health and well being and we've watched them doing it. Thank you, thank you.
10. There's been some magnificent generosity. We need to continue to fill food banks and kitchens for those in need. Donate. We need to continue to donate, whatever you can give.
11. Kids may have become better acquainted with their parents, and it's quite possible that, on the whole, that's gone well.
12. We've done the fitness challenge. In some bubbles and/or online groups, each person takes a turn sharing their routines with the others. One day it's Body Attack, which used to be called jazzercise, the next it's boxing, and then it's Tai Chi. Or maybe, my favorite, a walk around the block.
13. Closed doors opened our families to possibility. Some families did game nights, puzzle nights and big games of "Hey kids let's learn how to paint the spare room!"
14. We've reconnected with our inner jigsaw fiend. Got really good, at last, at chess. When the people in your bubble refuse to play you anymore, you can find more worthy opponents online.
15. We've got to ride bikes safely in the streets. Even the littlest kids. Bike riding is pertinent in growing up. All the adventures start there.
16. We've discovered the singular thrill. Walking back from the park with the rest of our bubble, to being able to kick a ball in the street. Some people are old enough to remember doing it all the time. Round balls recommended, not those problematic oval things.
17. We've destroyed our brains and social skills with computer games but right now that really doesn't seem to matter.
18. We've embarked on an excellent reading adventure with big books. Being married to an ex-bookstore owner and housing 500,000+ in our house, I've read more than ever before over the last year! And it's been divine.
19. We've learned from our kids and they've learned from us. Moments to treasure always. I know, it's been infuriating, for them as well as you, but there's also been the good stuff. The excellently good stuff.
20. We've rediscovered the other things. Like who our real friends are. Like what humans we really want to hang out with. Like knowing that the toxic people in our lives are people that we need to care about from afar and stay away from.
21. We've slowed down. And that is very good.
March 8 - March 27
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