SO many NEW things at Junque Drawer this spring! March 22, 2024 09:07

We have added soooo many new things to The Drawer this spring! We've added new hometown high school t-shirts & caps. We do creative iron on patch hats for your school or anything you desire! We've added a whole line of KC Current Soccer gear to celebrate our women-owned soccer complex here in Kansas City! And our Laura & Ami have worked their patooties off on our 3rd floor of the Drawer (ripped up carpet, repainted walls, repaired & painted floors & we've completely changed up the products up in the "Mary" room (3rd floor). Huge THANK YOU to Laura & Ami...they did a phenomenal job!! 

So come see us! We have our "10 years on Cherry Street" party on Saturday, April 13 starting at 10 am. Stop in for all the HOOPLA! See details at: