pink House alchemy at Junque Drawer March 3, 2021 16:13

Sitting outside in Kansas today, feeling like SPRING! YAY! After the 2020 we had, sunshine & cocktails sound like the perfect combination. We went on a trip a few years ago to Fayetteville, AR & came across these locally made simple syrups and bitters. We knew we needed them at Junque Drawer!

A little background on pink House Alchemy: "

Developed in a 100-year old pink house, our team of alchemists founded Pink House Alchemy through the love of food and flavor. Inspired by complementary patterns in roots, barks, fruits, herbs, and botanicals, we work every day to find new and perfect connections between ingredients—and simple syrups, bitters, and shrubs are where we put these discoveries to the test." 

Currently at Junque Drawer we have the following syrups; Mexican Chile, Cardamom, Lavender and Vanilla Bean, 16oz bottles for $16.

We also have the House & Smoldered bitters, 4oz bottles for $20. 

We thought it would be fun to share recipes from pink House Alchemy featuring the syrups we carry, these are from their website & we encourage you to check out more! 

Mexican Chile: 

Kicking Mule:

2 ounces Buillet Bourbon
1 ounce pH Mexican Chile Syrup
1 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice

Top with soda water and garnish with a lime and chili powder.


Pink House Original Daiquiri:

2 oz rum
1 oz lime juice (1 whole lime)
1 oz pH Cardamom Syrup
 Shake on ice, strain neat into a coupe glass, garnish with lime wheel


Lavender French 95:

2 oz gin
1 oz pH Lavender Syrup
1 oz fresh lemon juice
Shake with ice and strain into champagne flute
Float with champagne
Garnish with thick lemon twist

Vanilla Bean: 

Sing and Sling:

2 ounces bourbon
.5 ounce pH Vanilla Bean Syrup
1 lime
1 tbsp blueberry compote
4oz lambic