START NOW! The Creativity Journal December 29, 2021 09:33

I'm going to make my way thru this lovely art journal that I bought years ago. Who wants to join me? I thought it would be fun to invite a group of folks to do some things together virtually. We can post/comment/or stay quietly connected or quietly disconnected...whatever your preference! Dot Dot Dot Stuff is a page on Facebook that I will be introducing some ideas to offer to you. Join if you'd like! We are starting with START NOW! THE CREATIVITY JOURNAL by Kate Neckel. I'm going to finish it by January 31, 2022. Because I'm going to do something in it everyday. Let me know if you'd like to join me!
Dot Dot Dot = ellipsis...which means that there is more to come...fill in with your own ending...add whatever you think needs to be added...YOU get to write & finish your own story. Love & Peace, Jane (