Euroscrubby Multi-Purpose Scrubber

$ 4.00

Make clean up quick and easy with this multi-purpose scrubby! These durable scrubbies can be place in the top rack of the dishwasher or washing machine (not with delicates, but with towels). These are made with a cotton-base and a non-plastic hardened coating. These scrubbier have an abrasive texture yet do not scratch surfaces. Long lasting and easy to clean!


  • The Kitchen: Non-stick pots and pans, glass & ceramic cook-tops, cookware and veggies
  • The Bathroom: Porcelain, marble, tile, and glass shower doors
  • Outdoors: Garden tools, furniture, boats and pools
  • Will last 6 months to two years depending on use
  • Made in Europe

 Because these come in so many fun colors and patterns, your order will be filled on what we have stock- thank you for being understanding!

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