Savory Cracker Seasoning-Original

$ 7.95

It’s hard to describe the taste of the Original flavor – but we often hear the words “AMAZING” and “SAVORY”. This seasoning is a great combination of Savory seasonings that create a bold, unique  flavor – without being too hot or spicy. Once you try it, we think you will agree. Original is the most popular seasoning  flavor and it tastes great with most anything.

-The seasoning packet includes 1.4 oz. of the Original flavored seasoning. We also provide a 2 gallon zip-lock with each packet.

-Directions: Mix with 1 2/3 cup of Canola oil and 4 sleeves of Saltine Crackers or 2 boxes of mini Saltine Crackers in a 2 gallon zip-lock bag. Rotating occasionally, let sit over night before eating.

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